My name is Naomi Kvedaras and

I'm a visual artist. 

I’m a 2020 illustration graduate from Falmouth University. I currently live in South West Greater London.
I’d describe myself as a playful, curious and ambitious individual. 


I work primarily, but not strictly, with a monochrome palette and aim to visually articulate themes of expansion and contrast. I enjoy the challenge of pushing and pulling the rules inherent to our reality. I don’t favour any particular medium or technique, as I utilise whatever I believe will best serve the vision. I have experience with illustration, videography, graphic design, animation, photography, and many other forms of creation.

I’m very grateful that my journey into artistic exploration started as a young child as I’ve spent my whole life seeing my style and skills develop alongside me. This form of communication has been one of the most valuable methods of expressing myself. It has been used to provoke insight into my evolving core principles, it has alleviated and resolved inner misunderstandings, and has taught me discipline and patience. I use art not only as a form of self-expression, but as a meditative experience and form of prayer.

As much as I wish it did, creating doesn’t always flow easily. I'm always wondering how to develop my skills further to better encapsulate what I wish to express. I have spent a large portion of this journey feeling like I am on the cusp of achieving what I wish to portray. Despite the frustration this causes, I respect this natural phase within the process, and acknowledge that the moments before I surpass this level of development something incredible is waiting for me. It’s about whether or not I am committed to persevere through the discomfort. The discomfort is what makes the achievement feel like the reward. 

Regardless of whether or not people enjoy what I create, I’d still continue to do what I do because it’s my passion. However, any support I receive helps to fund a future where I can continue to keep creating, and for that… I am incredibly grateful. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions,

or you’d like to commission and work with me!